Globe Bay Area Forklift Equipments

Hyster 550

May 9, 2015

55,000lb capacity @ 48” load center, GVW 83,590lb the lift is 11’6” tall for hauling, 10’7” wide. Goes up 10’4” , 2 stage, 10 degree mast tilt., with 96” long forks X 11”wide x 4” thick, fork spread inside 93”, fork positioner, cab. Tier 4 diesel.

Machinery Movers with cushion tire

November 19, 2015

7’3″ low clearance 15,500lb capacity machinery movers with cushion tire. These fit into shipping containers or confined warehouse environments.

Taylor 300

November 20, 2015

30,000 lbs. capacity machinery mover overall lowered height 101″, goes up 99″ fork positioner, 96″ forks

Standard counterbalance lift trucks

November 20, 2015

3,000 to 46,000 lb. capacity pneumatic tire or cushion, propane, electric, or diesel available. specialty clearance options as low as 6’6″ and fork size options 3-1/2′,4′,5′ or 6′ on some equipment.White non marking tires also available.

Scissor Lifts

November 20, 2015

19 to 32 ft. of lift. 19 & 26ft are solid tire and 32′ 4X4 is all terrain dual fuel. Suitable for Warehouse and Construction.

Large Forklifts

November 20, 2015

We stock some of the largest forklifts available in the Bay Area. Such as 25,000lb to 46,000lb capacity. Some options available are triple stage as high as 18′. free lift available, fork positioner available, and low mast as low as 10’9″ available. 96″ forks on large capacity. Propane also available. Call for specific needs.

Warehouse forklifts

November 20, 2015

Small quad stage Warehouse Forklifts reaching up to 20 ft.

Dual wheel triple stage lift

November 20, 2015

Dual wheel triple stage 15,000lb capacity propane or diesel available. Call for specifications.As low as 9’5″ and up as high as 19’6″, 8′ forks.


November 21, 2015

Lowered clearance is 6’4″, and raised is 19′ straight out 10′, 5’11” wide, 4X4, Foam fill tires. 5′ or 6′ foot forks available.

Reach Lifts

December 20, 2015

We have a variety of Reach Lifts – ranging from 5,000 to 20,000 lb. capacity. Up to 55 ft. reach. low clearance of 6’4″and 6’5″capability on smaller machines.

4 Wheel Flat Bed Cart

June 15, 2017

4 Wheel Flat Bed Cart

  • 4 Wheel Flat Bed Cart

Quad Stage Dual Wheel

June 15, 2017

Quad Stage Dual Wheel LPG forklift with non mark tires

  • Quad Stage Dual Wheel LPG forklift with non mark tires

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